Customary fees associated with a real estate transaction and the party that typically pays these fees, although in real estate everything is negotiable!

Transactions and customary fees vary by market trends, cash or loan buyers...


  • Owner's Title Insurance Policy*

  • Half of the Escrow Fee* (negotiable)

  • Excise Tax*

  • Real estate Brokers Commissions*

  • Loan Balances (if any)

  • Pro-rated Property Taxes

  • Current Utility Balances

  • Homeowner's Association Fees (condominiums only)

  • Pro-rated HOA Dues & Miscellaneous HOA Fees (as above)


  • Lender's Title Insurance Policy*

  • Half of the Escrow Fee*

  • Home Inspection

  • Recording Fees

  • First Year Fire Insurance Premium

  • First Year Flood Insurance Premium (if applicable)

  • Pro-rated Property Taxes

  • Survey fee (if required)

  • Homeowner's Association Fees (where applicable)

  • Pro-rated HOA Dues & Miscellaneous HOA Fees

  • Lender fees

  • Appraisal

  • Credit report

  • Loan Origination Fee

  • Pre-Paid Interest

  • Private Mortgage Insurance (for lower down payment)

*Actual fees determined by Sales Price and/or Loan Amount

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