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Holiday Staging Tips

Though the holidays are historically one of the slower seasons in real estate, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any house-hunters out there looking to ring in the New Year in a new home. To strike the right note, make sure to show prospective buyers how your home can meet their holiday needs, without a lot of distracting decorations. 

christmas interior decor

  • Clean and Stage – First and foremost, stage the house as you would during any other time of the year. This includes a deep clean, decluttering, emptying closets, and removing excess furnishings. Take listing photos before adding holiday decorations.

  • Curb Appeal – Make sure that your lawn and landscaping are neat and tidy. Add a wreath to the door, consider decorative accents such as potted plants or a figurine, and invest in a holiday-themed doormat. Now is not the time for blow-up lawn ornaments or a distracting light display.

  • Warm Welcome – It can be cold this time of year, make sure to turn on the heat before a showing. Light a fire in the fireplace for even more cozy factor.   

  • Accentuate Positives – Draw attention to a gorgeous mantle with a festive garland, put your dining space on display with a classy table setting, show off a beautiful view by adding plants or floral arrangement to window sills, and play up your home’s architectural features with simple string lighting.

  • Keep it Neutral – Focus on themes that aren’t overtly religious. Choose decorations that the evoke the feeling of the season, such as an evergreen wreath, elegant candles, cozy blankets, or a bowl of pinecones. Avoid decorations that distract such as dancing Santas, flashing lights, and personalized stockings.

  • To Tree or Not to Tree – A fabulous tree can be a fantastic focal point, but choose wisely to ensure that your tree doesn’t take up too much floor space and make the room seem smaller. Swap family heirloom ornaments for a cohesive theme, choosing colors that reflect your home’s decor. If space is tight in your home, choose to go without a tree this year.

While spring and summer make up the traditional “high season” for real estate, the market can still be hot during the winter months! Just make sure to keep your holiday decorations simple and neutral and your home will appeal to anyone who comes through the door. 


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