Real Estate Photography 101 - Tips and Tricks That Sell

You only get one chance to make a first impression and top-notch photography gets more buyers to click on your listing. Whether you're an aspiring amateur or a seasoned professional, great real estate photography requires a unique balance of style, technique, and technology. Follow the tips and tricks in this this beginner's guide and your next real estate photography project will be a snap!

Clean & Declutter

Even the most tidy of homes can benefit from a deep clean. Ask your sellers to wash windows and mirrors, dust, vacuum, scrub floors, and get fingerprints off those stainless steel appliances. After everything is sparkling, don't reintroduce items that cause clutter; ask your sellers to clear counters of appliances and toiletries, stash wires and cords, and remove personal belongings. Outside counts too, pressure wash exteriors and driveways, rake leaves, mow the lawn, pull weeds, trim hedges, etc.

Setting the Stage

Minimal furnishings give a room sense of scale and makes it easier for people to envision their own belongings in a space. Consider working with a professional stager, or check out online staging resources for inspiration ranging from color palettes to furniture placement.

Add Accents

A splash of color can really add some pizazz to a photo. Think fresh flowers, bowls of fruit, rugs, throw pillows, or an artfully draped blanket.

Your Camera Counts

Smart phones have come a long way, but they can never replace a good-quality DSLR camera. If you aren't hiring a professional photographer, consider other accessories that will take your photos to the next level, including a wide-angle lens, tripod, remote trigger, and external flash unit.

Timing is Everything