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Washington - The Best State To Retire In

Out of all 50 states, Washington has been listed as the best state to retire in, according to research by Global Residence Index.

Seattle, Washington

The research used seven key factors to rank each of the 50 states, and Washington ranked in the top 10 for five of the seven factors.

Air quality, life expectancy, violent crime reports, environment quality, Medicaid spending, and 65+ population were considered the most important factors for those of retirement age, according to Global Residence Index.

Another key factor in the research was that Washington held the second highest life expectancy in the United States at 79.2 years.

Behind Washington in second place was Minnesota, which is the number one state in the country for social support, according to research.

The top 10 states (in order) to retire in according to Global Residence Index: Washington, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Oregon, New York, California, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Alabama is listed as the worst state to retire in with the fourth worst life expectancy at 73.2 and in the top 10 states with the worst air quality, according to Global Research Index.

Best Places to Live in Washington

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Do you wish to live close to nature, but you don't want to miss out on the big-city opportunities?

Located in the Pacific Northwest region, this evergreen state features stunning landscapes, waterfalls, mountains & forests. It is home to two volcanoes, Mount Rainier & Mount St. Helens, and plenty of glaciers.

With such an abundance of natural treasures, the state provides unparalleled natural beauty & a host of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Washington is also a thriving business hub boasting of giant companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Costco & Starbucks. With so many amazing opportunities, the per-capita income in Washington is much higher than in other states & there’s no income tax.

So, if you want to have the best of both worlds, Washington is the state to be.

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There is list of 5 best places to live in Washington state.

#1 Bellevue

French for ‘Beautiful view’, this city lives up to its name. With Lake Sammamish on the east & Lake Washington on the west, this stunning city enjoys seamless access to both with the Lake Trail connecting the two.

City of Bellevue, Washington

Olympic & Cascade mountains provide a picturesque backdrop. If you love outdoor activities, there is a plethora of activities to indulge in here, from hiking and cycling to water-skiing & ziplining.

Not just adventure, but professional opportunities also abound here with many famous companies calling it home.

Combine this with sophisticated art galleries, a children’s museum, seafood restaurants, A-rated schools, and a vibrant nightlife, you get a city that’s perfect for families, young adults & couples alike.

While the cost of living is higher than the national average, the amenities make it worth every penny.

#2 Redmond

Home to the tech giant Microsoft, Redmond is located only 16 miles from Seattle. The presence of other notable companies such as Nintendo, Solstice, and AT & T makes employment a major factor that draws people to this city.

Redmond Downtown, Washington state

Here you'll find outdoorsy community, thanks to the hiking and bike trails and picnic spots that abound in the area.

The thriving city also has a vibrant entertainment scene with numerous art galleries, theatre productions, annual festivals, weekend markets & breweries.

Residents and visitors can enjoy the vast Marymoor Park sprawled over an area of 640 acres, ideal for concerts, picnics, festivals & much more. Redmond also has an outstanding school system, which makes it a great choice to raise a family.

#3 Olympia

If you're looking for more affordable place to live, head to the capital city.

It takes its name from the nearby Olympic mountains that elevate its beauty.

The state government is the biggest employer here so if you’re looking to make a career in the field, this is the perfect place to be.

It is also home to the Fishing Brewing Company, the Olympia Family Theatre & the Washington Centre of Performing Arts where you can enjoy spectacular shows.

You can also buy fresh produce at the Olympia Farmers’ market, held annually from April through October. With so many amenities & affordable rent options, this is a great place for young professionals.

#4 Issaquah

Boasting of having some of the best schools in the nation, this suburb of Seattle is a great place to raise children.

With its picturesque mountain views, plenty of parks, a Cougar Mountain Zoo, and a vast network of trails that earned it the nickname, ‘Trailhead City’, there are some incredible outdoor activities to enjoy.

Need some adrenaline rush? Head to the Tiger Mountain Launch (Poo Poo Point or Chirico Trail hike up), where you can even learn to fly a hand glider.

The city has been experiencing an urban agriculture movement with more and more gardens being incorporated, adding to its charm.

It is also home to Costco, one of the largest retailers in the country. No wonder this is such an up & coming destination. There are many single-family houses here, considering the affordable rent.

#5 Sammamish

Only half an hour away from Seattle, Sammamish is situated between the city & the mountains, offering all the city amenities with sublime natural surroundings.

You can access tech giants of Seattle in the east and go hiking on the remarkable trails in the west.

The city is bordered by Lake Sammamish where you can enjoy swimming, boating, or going hiking on the surrounding trails. There are plenty of other nature parks in the city along with golf courses and ample space for festivals such as Shakespeare in the Park.

There are also various cafes, restaurants and bars to indulge yourself in some delectable meals after a day out in the wild.

It is home to some excellent schools & has a low crime rate which has earned it the reputation of being one of the best places to live in Washington State for families.


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