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What is Juanita Neighborhood like?

Juanita is a neighborhood in Kirkland, one of thirteen. The Juanita neighborhood is located in the central north portion of Kirkland (in 98034 zip code); located east of Finn Hill neighborhood, South of City of Bothell, west of Kingsgate and Totem Lake neighborhoods, and north of Market, Norkirk and Highlands neighborhoods. MAP is here.

Glassinator, Juanita Beach Park, Kirkland WA

The Juanita neighborhood is the largest neighborhood in the City of Kirkland.

The area is one of the Eastside's most historic and was an unincorporated area governed by King County until it was gradually annexed by Kirkland in 1967, 1988, and 2011.

Juanita boasts gorgeous parks, lake views, trails, well-established neighborhoods, tree-lined streets, and many thriving businesses. There are new development projects, and signs of growth are everywhere. It continues to attract new residents and businesses who are looking for a very SPECIAL place to live.

Whether you're looking for a unique local coffee shop, a world-famous restaurant, a fabulous Eastside dog park, great schools for your kids, or a thriving Farmers Market, you'll find it here. It is a neighborhood rich in diversity, and history.

The neighborhood contains many active and natural parks, a regional shoreline park, a recreational community center and various types of open spaces. Three elementary schools and one high school are located in the neighborhood.

The Juanita neighborhood values its many historic structures that are landmarks to the neighborhood. The Langdon House and Homestead (1888), Ostberg Barn (1905), Dorr Forbes House (1906), Shumway Mansion (1909) and Johnson Residence (1928) are located in South Juanita. The Shumway Mansion was relocated from the Moss Bay Neighborhood when the property at its former location was redeveloped. The Malm House (1929) is located in North Juanita. If at all feasible, these structures should be preserved.

There are approximately 10 publicly owned parks in the Juanita Neighborhood that provide park, recreation and open space amenities, offer public access to the lake or protect sensitive and natural areas. The two regional parks include the Juanita Bay Park and the Juanita Beach Park.

Juanita Bay Park offers wildlife watching, a boardwalk, trails and passive recreation opportunities in and around a large wetland system.

Juanita Beach Park

Juanita Beach Park

contains 25 acres and is developed with a swimming beach, play structures, restroom and launches for non-motorized boats. Juanita Creek and associated wetlands located within the Park underwent restoration as part of the master plan. Continued implementation of the park master plan should occur, including new restrooms and concessions shelter near the shoreline, and a skatepark and playfield on the north side of Juanita Drive.

Other parks in Juanita Neighborhood include:

  • McAuliffe Park

  • Juanita Heights Park

  • Brookhaven Park and Wiviott Property

  • Edith Moulton Park

  • Windsor Vista Park

Overall, Juanita is highly desirable neighborhood in Kirkland for its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and convenient location near shops and restaurants.

Do you want to live in this beautiful neighborhood of Kirkland? Or anywhere on the Eastside? Contant me today!

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