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Where To Go With Kids In Seattle?

Spring break is here, and I abruptly found out I failed to plan activities, not to mention vacation, for my family. Because, honestly, days are flying by, and I just found myself with three kids at home. On top of that, it's raining for days, which is nothing new to west Washington.

Seattle, WA

Well, now that I am here where I am, I made a list of places I want to visit with my kids. I needed to be wise, as well, because my kids are spanning from teenager to toddler, so the places I included are for ALL age groups.

Here is my list, hopefully helpful to someone else as well.

Indoor Places

For rainy weather, I have some museums and arcade games places.

#! Currently in Seattle, but closing soon, in Dinos Alive exhibition. At Dinos Alive, you’ll meet over 80 life-sized specimens from both famous and lesser-known species such as the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, and Suchomimus. My teenager loves dinosaurs, and I believe my toddler won't be scared :). They said all ages are welcome, and kids three years and younger don't pay the ticket.

dinos alive exhibition

#2 Since I've heard that WNDR Museum opened recently in Seattle, I marked it as a must see. Though I hate that in the Seattle waterfront, Alaskan Way, where the museum is located, the parking is a nightmare to find, transportation options are more problematic for me than VERY expensive tickets. WNDR Museum is interactive experience: a multi-sensory showcase of art and technology. Visitors are more than passive onlookers. Whatever they do in the museum, it's art.

wndr museum

Monster Mini Golf

#3 Monster Mini Golf has been just opened in Factoria Mall in Bellevue. Available attractions at Monster Mini Golf are: Mini Glf, Arcade, Laser Maze, Virtual Reality, and Bowling. Visit their website HERE to find out about pricing and hours of operations.

Just a friendly reminder - this might not be wise option for sensory sensitive kids, as there are neon colors in contrast with dark and loud pop music in the venue.

Outdoor Places

Because weather forecast said half the spring break will be sunny, I made plans for that option, too.

I personally love mini urban trails, without much of the elevation and mileage. My kids are on my side, unlike my husband, who doesn't consider hiking nothing less than climbing the top of the mountains. So ok, these are just city nature walk we love.

The 53-acre Bellevue Botanical Garden is made up of several smaller gardens - each with its own focus and character. It's going to be fun walk.

Ok, this one is for my toddler, but the rest of us will enjoy, too. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never been there, even though raising kids around Redmond for more than a decade. This is on our list to check!

This unique park is fun for the whole family! Features include a children's animal farm, horse arena with trailer parking, covered picnic shelters with electricity and running water, and multi-use trails that connect to the Puget Power/City of Redmond Trail. This park also offers a fun and challenging orienteering course, tire swings, and an engaging nature trail.

bridle trails state park

Nestled amid a quiet neighborhood of horse ranches and single-family homes, this 482-acre park has served largely as an equestrian recreation area since the 1950s. Bridle Trails State Park offers more than 28 miles of pleasant, forested trails conveniently located between Bellevue and Kirkland. It is a dedicated horse park, so expect to encounter horseback riders during a hike here. And while dogs are allowed, they must be kept on leash to avoid startling horses.

That are going to be our options for this spring break. Some of those can be your weekend fun!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about the area, I would love to help. You can always contact me HERE.


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